Here is our 8-step SEO process we follow for our SEO campaigns.

  1. Market research
    Our first step is researching and understanding the market you are targeting.  We conduct market research through various methods including hands-on, real-world interactions with your market.  This step is crucial as it builds the basis for rest of the process and not get distracted by potential high-volume keywords that may not be ideal or appropriate for your market.
  2. Keyword selection
    Next, we utilize various keyword research tools as well as your competitors’ data to select the right keywords.  Depending on the market, we will consider geographic keywords and/or long-tail keywords. We look at search volume, related keywords, and keywords your competitors are using.
  3. Develop plan
    At this point, we have enough information and it’s time to put together plans for tackling SEO. For example, we may choose one page with one or two keywords and focus on them, or we may choose multiple pages to work together to reinforce each other. It all depends on what how your current site is built, what content you already have, and what options will get you the most ROI.
  4. Develop content
    Based on strategies and plans developed in the previous phase, we will develop content. It goes back to what the market is and how well we understand the market that will allow us to create content that will make you an authority in your field. Without content, your site is simply not going to rank.
  5. On-page SEO optimization
    Next, we update the entire site with with unique titles, descriptions, and headings based on keywords and content we’ve created in previous phases.
  6. Link building
    Link building is an integral part of SEO and is perhaps the most challenging part as well.
    However, if you do it well, it can truly put you ahead of your competitions. In this phase, we will focus on building high-quality links back to your site. If you have good content, it makes the process easier.
  7. Website optimization for usability
    While not strictly in this order, we do optimize your website for usability. We will be reviewing the site structure, navigation, mobile responsiveness, and/or website speed. All these factors contribute to the overall SEO ranking.
  8. Measure and refine
    Lastly, we will be using our internal keyword tracking tool to track keyword rankings and make adjustments to keywords and content as necessary to drive the best results.