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Drupal Development

Drupal development Northern VirginiaOften times, having a website built with WordPress does not meet everyone’s needs.  WordPress is a great platform for building static websites or content and media-driven websites.  On the other hand, it is not an ideal platform for more advanced websites where you need to create custom content types or controlling access to the site and content through user registration and role access.

For example, a business may require a custom web application built based on specific requirements.  A good example is if you want to build a website where you need to control user access (user registration) or content (role-based), then Drupal would be a better fit than WordPress.

LNI Digital Marketing provides following Drupal services:

  • Drupal theme development
  • Drupal plugin development
  • Migration to Drupal
  • Migration from legacy Drupal (6.x, 7.x) to 8.x

Laravel Development

Northern Virginia laravel developmentAnother example is, if you are a startup company providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service or an established business building internal web tools for driving efficiency, building the application with WordPress or Drupal would not be ideal.  We would tackle this with a custom PHP framework such as Laravel.

LNI Digital Marketing provides both Drupal and Laravel development services.  Contact us today to see how our custom development solutions can help you.