Corporate SEO Training

Tailored to your organization

If your organization has an in-house marketing team, but you still feel that you are lacking the mastery of SEO, our custom-designed corporate SEO training can help you get to the next level.

At LNI Digital Marketing, we offer corporate SEO training to teams of any size that are looking to gain a working mastery of search engine optimization tailored to their business needs and goals. Whether you run a small startup with one or two-person marketing team, or manage marketing at an enterprise-level company as a marketing director or CMO, we can come out to your location and provide SEO training to your marketing team.

If you’re tired of being outranked by your competitors and want to finally learn the best approach that your team can use to boost your SEO, contact LNI Digital Marketing today and start getting the organic visibility you deserve with our corporate SEO training services.

SEO Training Package

Our corporate training package consists of following:

  • 8 hours of training and workshop using the SEO Workbook developed by us
  • Identifying and setting up the right SEO tools
  • 2 months of SEO support via phone calls and emails
  • Establishing SEO best practices for “your” organization
  • Ideal for marketing teams of 3-10
  • Package price: $2,999
Corporate SEO Trainer

SEO Workbook

Our corporate SEO Workbook has everything you need to successfully develop and implement SEO strategy for your organization. Everyone at the training will receive a copy of our SEO Workbook.

The Workbook consists of 8 modules:

  • Module 1: Corporate SEO
  • Module 2: Keyword Research
  • Module 3: Page Optimization
  • Module 4: Site Navigation & Structure
  • Module 5: Content Marketing
  • Module 6: Link Building
  • Module 7: Measuring Performance
  • Module 8: Tools & Best Practices

Meet Our Trainers

John Victoria

John Victoria is the owner and SEO Strategist at Polianna SEO and is highly sought after for his expertise in SEO. He has consulted with local businesses in the DMV area as well as major multi-million dollar international brands on their search engine optimization efforts.

Prasanna Perera

Prasanna is a Managing Partner at RiseOak, an SEO agency based in Maryland. He holds four patents for innovative work in the software industry and speaks at Mobile Voice Conference, SpeechTEK, MoDevEast, and MoDevUX.

Seong Bae

Seong is a Principal at LNI Digital Marketing and has worked as a web developer and SEO expert for over 15 years. He advises CEOs at startup companies and worked with CMOs at large organizations on implementing successful SEO.

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