Introducing Orion

Orion is a membership software built by LNI Digital Marketing that lets you build your membership-based community and subscription-based business.

Manage members, sell monthly/annual subscriptions, generate member-to-member engagement, and build a community of like-minded people.

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Stay connected

Generate Revenue

Build your next big idea on Orion and generate revenue. Provide premium content or networking opportunies to your members.

Grow your group

Build a Community

Bring like-minded people together and build a community. Increase and maximize member engagement.

Save time

Scale as Needed

Orion can scale as your membership or customer-base grows. Have custom requirements or need new features? We can support it.

Manage Subscription

Your customers can purchase monthly or annual subscriptions. They can update credit cards, suspend/re-start subscriptions, and download invoices in PDF.

access group data from app

Offer courses, tutorials

Offer private courses and how-to videos to your members. Orion integrates with Wistia video platform to offer private videos for your members.

Business Referral Tracking App

Backend Administration

Orion's backend administration tool makes it easy to manage your content including users, documents, videos, groups, and site configurations.

Business Referral Group Key Insights


Member Registration

Members registration to access your site. Ask for credit card upfront or give them free trial. Orion backend management system makes it easy to manage your members.

Share Videos

Offer online courses, tutorials, or how-to videos just with your members. Orion integrates with Wistia video marketing platform to offer private video hosting.

Member Profile

Members can manage their own profile. Need to capture additional information about your customers? Adding custom fields is pretty straightforward with Orion.

Recurring Subscriptions

Sell monthly or annual subscriptions. Have members provide credit card information upon registration and/or give them a trial period.

Share Documents

Upload documents to share with your members. Orion integrates with Dropbox throug API so if you are already using Dropbox, it's easy to import documnents.

E-mail Notification

Automatically send notification e-mails on availability of new content and keep your members or customers engaged.


Provide automated invoices to your customers. As they are charged each month or year, they are able to download invoices in PDF format.


Create sub-groups, locations, or chapters for your members in your community or organization. Place members in different groups and manage your groups.

API Integration

Orion has built-in REST API and can integrate with 3rd party applications - do you need mobile apps for your community of users? Orion can support it.