Pivoting Strategies

Pivoting Strategies empowers businesses and nonprofits with game-changing strategies to cultivate growth and investment in current and new markets by partnering with their clients to build strong market positioning through identification of opportunities for success in an ever-changing environment.

Website Optimization

LNI Digital Marketing partnered with Pivoting Strategies to help improve online user experience by optimizing their website for speed.

Before optimization, we ran the client’s website through the Pingdom Website Speed Test. The average page load time for the website was 3.28 seconds according to the tool. After optimization, which took about 2 weeks including testing, we were able to reduce the page load time to 1.33 second.  We also reduced number of requests fro 87 to 23.  Pingdom gave an overall grade of 89, compared to 58 from before optimization.

Here is a testing result before optimization:

Website Optimization Before

Here is after optimization.  Notice the load time went from 3.28s to 1.02s:

Website Speed After Optimization

Faster websites provide better user experience and results in higher engagement and conversions.  If you need us to optimize your website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.