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isaacai website auditing tool

We are excited to announce that a website auditing tool we’ve been working on is finally live. It’s over at You can audit one website for free – so please check it out and share with us your feedback.

So you may ask – there are plenty of auditing tools out there…what’s special about this? Well, first of all, the tool is built on top of Google Lighthouse, an open source website auditing tool managed by Google and contributed by the greater web development community. So you know that the tool is supported by one of biggest tech companies and web developers who truly care about building a high quality websites.

What Does It Do?

The tool will audit a website across five different categories including performance, accessibility, search engine optimization, best practices, and progressive web app. For each category, there are 10 to 20 specific audits that the tool runs. After the audit runs, it will tell you the results – either pass, fail, or need manual check – for each audit.

While it is not a definitive tool – for example, you can score 100% on SEO if you’ve done the basic things like setting the title, description, canonical tag, etc – it is a quick and relatively reliable tool to gauge where your website stands in terms of overall quality.

Google Lighthouse itself is a fairly basic tool. You run it and receive a PDF or HTML report. Our team took that as a starting point and built a number of features on top of it to make it easier to use and also track progress over period of time. Following are features we built on top of Lighthouse:

Manage Multiple Sites

While Lighthouse as a browser extension allows you to run one site at a time, IsaacAI allows you to run audits and manage multiple sites. You can look at the result of audits from all your websites from a single dashboard, making it easier to gauge quality of all your websites from a single place.

website audit - multiple websites dashboard

Track Progress

Without customizations, it is difficult to track progress with Lighthouse. IsaacAI makes it much easier to track progress using chart so you can quickly see how the quality of your website is improving over period of time. We are also working on a feature where you can have the audit to run on a daily or weekly basis automatically and send you notifications via email showing changes in audit results. Below is a sample screen from the tool showing how you track the progress:

Collaborate with Teams

You can create teams, invite others to your team, and collaborate on the audit results.  You don’t need to send HTML or PDF files to other members in your team.  You can just invite them to IsaacAI, and have them look at the audit results.  This makes it easier for non-technical users to invite more tech-savvy users to their teams, and ask for their feedback on any particular audits or audit results.

You can also create multiple teams and assign each website to a particular team.  This will be helpful if you are a marketing or creative agency managing clients and multiple sites and want to give access to the tool to your clients.  Or if you are at an enterprise organization with multiple departments, you can use the team feature to separate access to groups of websites.

Create multiple teams
You can create multiple teams
You can invite others to your team
You can invite others to your team

Individual Audit Result

We made it easy to browse to and work with individual audits.  After audit runs, you can see the audit results in a table, quickly search for any audits, and drill down on each audit to see the results.  We will be adding historical data for each audit results so you can track how you are making progress.  Having individual audit result pages also makes it easy to discuss and collaborate with your team.

Individual audit results

Discussion Board

We also created a discussion board where you can reach out to other users of the platform for support.  Also, if you have anything to share with the community, we encourage you to utilize the discussion board.  We just built the tool recently and will be sharing our tips and recommendations as we work through some of the failed audits for the websites we manage.  Also, if we have any updates or news, we’ll be using the discussion board to share with the community.

Website auditing tool discussion board

Wait! There’s More!

While Lighthouse is a comprehensive tool covering nearly all aspects of a website, we felt that some categories could be improved.  For example, it’s very easy to score 100% with SEO since the existing SEO audits within Lighthouse are fairly basic.  Since SEO is one of our core services, we felt that that’s an area we can improve and also contribute back to the Lighthouse community.  So stay tuned as we come out with more advanced SEO audits.

Lighthouse is also missing security audits.  We have found a great Lighthouse extension for security at and are in the process of adding the security audits to our platform.  The security audits include looking at things like Content Security Policy, cookies, and SSL.

How Much Is It?

While Google Lighthouse is a free tool you can run as a browser extension, we’ve worked very hard on IsaacAI to make it much easier to use and collaborate with others.  For that, we are just asking $15 per month to use the platform for five websites.  It is free for just one website.  The costs will help us cover the server fees and continued support and improvements to the platform.

free website auditing tool

How Do I Provide Feedback?

We welcome your feedback.  Please let us know how you like the tool or if we should cover any particular audits.  We are passionate developers who really care about building great, high-quality websites.  We are using this tool internally for all the websites we manage and it has been very helpful to us.  We hope it will be helpful to you as well.

If you have any feedback to share with us, please feel free to post comments here or send us an email at

Thank you and happy web developing!

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