The Pillars of a Good Content Strategy

When we think of content, we often end up thinking of a blog and a few social media posts. But is this all there is to it? Does a content strategy have only these few elements? The answer is a resounding No! For a great marketing strategy first of all, one needs to bring in a stellar content deck, without which the marketing techniques and technology, will both fail to take off. But what constitutes of a great content strategy? Read on to know more.

  • Website Content: Website content which is regularly updated to go with the trending times, is a sure shot winner and a necessity in the world of content. To have a great online presence, you would have to invest in a good website with dynamic pages where you can frequently make changes to fit in the up and coming requirements and solutions for those requirements. These would typically emanate from lots of online market research that one can conduct for a particular niche. The website content should be crisp and to the point even as it embeds plenty of answers to queries to make it a top ranking site. This kind of content also includes E Commerce descriptions of the products and services that one offers.
  • Blog Posts: In order to build an authoritative presence on the Internet, it would be imperative to have a blog where you can frequently post snippets of information and solutions that would cater to your audience and the problem areas where your product or service can step in. It is important to refrain from direct marketing on such posts. Yet, one should remember to embed the logical next step in the form of a call for action button, link or request. This would ensure that the message is not lost in the sea of information that you post. It would be helpful to research the length of the posts that stand out in Google and other search engine algorithms, before you craft your blog posts. Also, remember to have a bunch of posts on hand before you start your blog, so that you can post on a regular basis. This will also give out a great SEO signal for your website and blog in general.
  • Social Media Content: There are two distinct types of social media posts that one should ideally launch on a regular basis. While one type would market your blog post links with a click bait headline, the other would bring in some information in an entertaining and graphic format. For the first type of post, you would do well to share your blog posts with a click bait headline or a catchy headline. For example, 10 ways to lose holiday weight. This would make a great headline because it actually speaks of a doable plan and has a clear cut program – or at least a promise of the same. Also, headlines like ‘how to, where to, what I learnt, did you know’ etc, are great click bait headline formats. The second type of post should hinge on a quick infographic style post which would be an easy read even as it provides plenty of information for your niche audience.
  • Other Social Media Content: Contests, giveaways, motivating messages and forum discussions are also great ways to create interactive content which would call for two way content creation and curation. Sharing other links which are trending and widely shared as well, is also another great way to build your social media popularity with curated content.
  • Videos: Videos are the in thing and as per many social media and SEO experts, this would be your best bet to grab eyeballs and drive engagement. With a video, you can actually fit in some information, some solutions and lots of entertainment that would play out without putting the audience through the trouble of reading and scrolling. A good video script and spiffy imagery would ensure that your click through rate increases by leaps and bounds.
  • Emails: An email campaign is a great way to round up all your blog, website, social media and general business information in one neat package. It also tells your email list that you are constantly reaching out to them. You can put out an editorial style round up of the latest posts on your blog and social media, with links and thumbnails, or you can even give a shoutout to your valued customers and let them know about the latest products and updates that you are offering. Remember to ask people to subscribe to your email list so that you can remind them of your presence and reach out to them regularly for great brand recall.
  • Reviews and Answers: Posting genuine answers on Quora and seeking reviews on online directories like Yelp are also some of the best and most legit online marketing tactics that one can follow. Yet, these also need to be high quality links that are well worded so that one may get plenty of engagement and clicks on the same.
  • Keywords and Hashtags: Last, but not the least, you need to remember that your meta data, meta descriptions, rich snippets, and keywords as well as hashtags need to be in place for some great ranking results. At the same time, remember not to clutter and overcrowd with too many keywords and other such terms, as it can lead to negative SEO signals. Do your research and come up with the best keywords and meta data to make your content soar high!

Know your content well to make the right words stand out in the right places. This will ensure that you build your brand as an authority in your niche.

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