Technical SEO Audit Checklist

SEO Audit Checklist Virginia
Technical SEO Audit Checklist

Even if you are not a technical person and fairly new to SEO, you can do a quick SEO audit of your website with below checklist. This checklist is put together for business owners or managers who manage a website but has minimum to no prior experience with SEO.

It is by no means a complete list – complete list can be pages and pages and you would rather hire an SEO professional to do the audit. But if you can at least check off items listed below, I’m certain that your website is in a good shape from SEO perspective.

Technical SEO Audit Checklist

▢ You have a focus keyword for each page
▢ Title is short, descriptive, and contains focus keyword
▢ Unique and descriptive meta description for each page
▢ Clean and descriptive URL
▢ There is at least one image on the page and image’s filename and alt text are descriptive and reflect focus keyword
▢ You have h1 on your page and it contains focus keyword

▢ Site loads fast
▢ Site is mobile-optimized
▢ Clean and easy-to-understand site navigation structure
▢ Text-based navigation & navigation is on the first page
▢ Pages containing links to other pages
▢ Sitemap is available
▢ robots.txt file is available
▢ Created Google Webmasters account, added site and sitemap
▢ Resolved any issues on Google Webmasters – this also tells you 404 page not found errors
▢ Avoid flash or JavaScript navigation
▢ No duplicate content/page – resolve it by adding canonical tags

In the upcoming weeks, I will delve into each item and explain what you can do to make improvements and check off the items.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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