Website Audit Tool Launched

We are excited to announce that a website auditing tool we’ve been working on is finally live. It’s over at You can audit one website for free – so please check it out and share with us your feedback. So you may ask – there are plenty of auditing tools out there…what’s special about […]

Search Engine Optimization Guide Explained

Google Webmaster team has recently released a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to help you with improving SEO for your website.  They call it a starter guide but it’s over 24 pages long – so it’s definitely not a light reading. This guide is more of an update to their previously released guide and offers […]

Real SEO is about User Experience

I had a meeting with a potential client last week. He is a CEO at a small company that develops CMMS software – Computerized Maintenance and Management System.  His software is used by major airports and it is considered a leader in the janitorial software market. He saw my advertisement about SEO and reached out […]

SEO for Local Auto Body Shop

We are excited to take on a new client who runs an auto repair business here in Sterling, Virginia.  The client told us that they get majority of their business from insurance companies but want to expand their reach to direct consumers and increase that market share.  A few thoughts ran into my mind as we […]

11 Steps to Generating Website Traffic with SEO

This article provides an overview of what is involved when optimizing a website for SEO.  For each area of work, I explain why you need to do it and how you can do it.  If you follow all 11 steps outlined here, you should see your website traffic increasing over months from organic traffic. If you […]