Laravel Tip: Fixing File Permission Issue

When developing Laravel applications on Linux-based systems, you may run into file permission issues with auto-generated files such as logs or cache files.  I ran into this in the past often and my quick workaround was to manually change permissions and owner for the files with incorrect permissions.  It would be something like following: chmod […]

Extending an Open Source Tool with Laravel Spark

I have been using a Chrome dev tool called Lighthouse for a while to audit my websites and ensure that they are of minimum standard quality.  Lighthouse is an open source website auditing tool developed by Google and maintained by a community of web developers dedicated to building high quality websites. While Lighthouse was helpful […]

Why We Built ChamberForge

If you have been trying to grow your business and been active in your business networking communities, then you may already be familiar with this concept called lead sharing.  It’s basically where a group of businesses come together and help each other generate leads and sales.  BNI – Business Networking International – is one of […]

Laravel Package to Track Google Keyword Position

Search engine optimization professionals and marketing agencies sometimes use keyword ranking trackers to measure the performance of their work and track how their clients’ website rank on search engine result pages. At LNI Digital, we use variety of tools for SEO and keyword tracking tool is definitely one that’s used more than others. One of […]