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Auto repair SEO Sterling Ashburn

We are excited to take on a new client who runs an auto repair business here in Sterling, Virginia.  The client told us that they get majority of their business from insurance companies but want to expand their reach to direct consumers and increase that market share.  A few thoughts ran into my mind as we started thinking about how we can help this business.

What Keywords Should We Target?

After some discussions with the client and based on the services they provide, we came up with following keywords to start with:

  • auto body shop sterling
  • auto repair sterling
  • collision repair sterling
  • car repair sterling
  • glass repair sterling
  • auto glass repair sterling
  • auto paint sterling

The client was already doing well with 1-2 keywords from above but not the rest.  Based on our research, there are at least 70 average monthly searches being done with above keywords altogether (the tool we use to estimate the average monthly searches was still collecting data – so it could be higher).

Expanding Geographic Reach

Now, if you live in Northern Virginia and are familiar with Ashburn, Sterling, Reston, and Herndon, you may know that Sterling is not a huge town.  Check out below Google map:

Ashburn, Herndon, and Reston are neighboring towns with much bigger residential population.  From Ashburn, many people drive past Sterling on their way to DC, Tysons, or Fairfax areas.  From these neighboring towns, Sterling is only 10-15 minutes away.

What I’m trying to say is that as you increase your reach with local keywords beyond the town your business is in, think about:

  • What are the towns with heavy populations?
  • Will people drive 10-15 minutes to a neighboring town to buy my products and services?
  • Where are my site visitors coming from?

I looked at the website traffic data for this client and, surprisingly, a lot more people visited the site from Ashburn than Sterling.

But How Do We Expand to Other Towns?

Now the question is will the keyword marketing work if we included new set of keywords with town name changed.  So the expanded keyword set would include:

  • auto body shop ashburn
  • auto repair ashburn
  • collision repair ashburn
  • car repair ashburn
  • glass repair ashburn
  • auto glass repair ashburn
  • auto paint ashburn

Of course, instead of changing existing keywords, we would need to come up with a plan to strategically include the new keywords.  One idea is to create a new page targeting these keywords and also explain to residents living in Ashburn why they should bring their cars to this body shop.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out.  Given that the company already has good ratings on Google, if the redesign of their website and SEO marketing play out well, I’m pretty confident that they can tap into the direct consumer market they haven’t been able to.

If you are interested in learning how you can apply SEO to your own website, check out my article “11 Steps to Generating Website Traffic with SEO.”

Questions?  Thoughts?  Leave comments below!

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