How Retailers Can Increase Customer Loyalty

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For retail businesses, it’s important to understand how customers interact with the business through various touch points and channels – some marketers call them brand touch points or retail touch points.  Due to plethora of technologies and marketing channels available these days, having a good grasp of all touch points, especially optimizing each touch point for the best user experience, is a challenge for today’s businesses.

So where should you start?  You should start by identifying all different channels and touch points that YOUR customers interact with you.  These include both offline and online, desktop and mobile,  blog article and physical magazine article, and so on.

Below is an example of entire touch point for a retail business:

Retail Brand Touch Points

Once you have all touch points identified, you should understand how your customers interact with each point.  If you are a beauty spa retail business and serve women from in their 20s to 60s, not each touch point is optimal for every customer.  Women in their 20s and 30s may be more receptive through mobile, blog, and search engines.

While both offline and online are both important, there are many indicators showing that online is where retailers should focus more on for a number of reasons:

  • Technologies being advanced – ability to target specific demographics and geographies
  • Tech savvy millennial generation who are now major spenders
  • Time spent online increasing each year – especially on mobile
  • Ability to scale and go viral

So looking at just the digital touch points, we have below:

Digital Touch Points

Once you have all your touch points identified and target customer profiles understood, you can optimize each touch point to provide the best user experience, thereby increasing customer loyalty.


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