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New Mobile App Developer LNI Digital Marketing Lands Contract with Insomniac Design Inc. to work with Major Media Corporation for High-Profile Project

Shortly after launching LNI Digital Marketing, the company partnered with the award-winning global creative agency, Insomniac Design (, to win its first major project: a consumer-facing app for one of the world’s foremost media corporations.

The Ashburn, VA-based LNI Digital Marketing team was floored. “We beat out 30 other bids to win the project, an unexpected accomplishment for a brand new company founded by friends who just wanted to make great mobile apps,” said CEO and co-founder Seong Bae.

The media corporation chose Insomniac Design and LNI Digital Marketing for their innovative approach to solving the very complex problems involved with actually getting the data into the consumer-facing app. Additionally, the team is developing the app using open source software so the client can add, modify or delete any content at any time. All changes will then automatically synchronize with the data in the app, saving a tremendous amount of development/IT support, time, and money.

Partnering with Insomniac Design was a no-brainer for LNI Digital Marketing. The DC and London based agency has a high-profile, counting numerous Fortune 500 firms among their clients. Their work includes one cutting-edge project after another, from web and mobile applications to interactive data visualizations and interfaces for map systems populated by thousands of datasets.

Insomniac Design approached LNI Digital Marketing for this app project, as LNI Digital Marketing is quickly building a reputation for their forward-thinking, next generation approach to mobile app development on iOS and Android platforms. In short, this partnership was a match made in heaven.

The LNI Digital Marketing team is made up of mobile experts ranging from seasoned app developers to entrepreneurs and marketers.

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