Drive your Marketing Campaign to Instant Success

Below is a guest blog by Andy Williams, our good friend at Ntw Designs –  Andy is a PHP developer & web designer who recently found passion in writing.  His company specializes in custom web design, brand research, brand identity creation, and marketing.

Marketing is a great way to boost company credibility, online sales, and gain great website exposure. The top companies around the world have an active marketing schedule that they never leave to the side. Marketing effectively can help a brand reach great heights. Read below how you can drive your marketing campaign to instant success.

8 Ways to Drive Your Marketing Campaign to Instant Success

1-Creative Website Design. Search engines are basically big directories containing websites only. Users around the globe use the internet multiple times a day for social media and conducting regular searches online. Being that the internet has only websites, this is the biggest form of judgment online. Depending on the quality and overall performance of the web design will result in instant visitor judgment. Quality websites are seen as more professional and will ultimately have more on page engagement.

What are 3 ways to ensure website quality?

1-Compress CSS to ensure a light weight stylesheet.
2-Double Check script coding to ensure there are no errors or broken links.
3-Conduct an online website audit to identify other elements which may be missing from the website.

2-Active Subscription & Mail Listing. Fortune 100 companies gather subscriptions and send out mail listings on a daily basis. With this just being said, it is safe to say that mail listings are still very effective. To increase product sales, sending out creative emails with unique titles will do just the trick.

Quick tip: To gather even more subscribers on-page, add a viewable subscription box on the right-hand side of the web layout. Pop-up cookie based subscriptions are also very popular.

3-Unique Website Blog Creation. Attract even more visitors on-page by creating unique blogs. Almost every website has a blog. Blogging will increase a websites overall rank and trustability. Blogging is known to also affect SEO grade. Search engines will spot out and favor websites that generate lengthy and unique content.

Quick Blogging Tip: Optimizing blog content can improve the chance of a post ranking higher in search engines.

What are 3 ways to optimize a blog?

1-Add up to 5 tags and 1 main category tag.
2-Add the main key phrase inside the blog title.
3-Ensure that a blog is over 600 words and completely unique.

4-Web Visitor Analysis. A successful marketing campaign needs a significant amount of research. A website visitor analysis can provide great insight to knowing which individuals are viewing a website. Google Analytics is a great tool which tracks visitor IP location, source, and average age range.

Quick Analytics Fact: Google has released Universal analytics which has provided a custom tag manager to allow significant keyword tracking. This is a great tool to be used for a web analysis.

5- Launch a Pre-Marketing Campaign. Before a launch or release, doing a pre-marketing campaign is a great way to build up momentum and build up some brand recognition before the initial release.

The top ways to start a pre-market campaign?

1-Add a website countdown.
2-Describe the launch in a press release.
3-Share posts each day of the countdown social media.

6-Discover Customer Needs. Understanding the consumer is the best way to instantly guarantee online sales. Find out what consumers are most interested in and then relate their interests to your product. This analysis can be done through online. Asking related consumers to give an opinion is another great way to gain insight. Consumers give the biggest judgments, but the most valuable advice.

7-Search Engine Optimization. Every business has a website, but where their business website is located in search engines impacts how popular and visible their site actually is. The higher position in search engines a website has, the more visitors it will receive. Building a brand name and marketing it with website SEO methods is the best way to increase brand recognition and build a brand following.

How to quickly optimize a web page?

1-Add proper meta tags on the head section.
2-Add Robots tag.
3-Generate a full website Sitemap.

8-Product Expansion and Online Reviews.  Product reviews will allow future clients to read more about a product. Listing a company on review websites and asking personal bloggers for a product review is a great method to instantly promote a product while gaining reviews.

Although there are millions of active websites online, marketing successfully can bring big business success. Being consistent in a marketing campaign will always lead to favorable results of expansion. Use the 8 methods above to drive your marketing campaign to instant success.


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