Client Website Launched

Olmsted Foundation

We are excited to see that, after more than an year of development and testing, the George and Carol Olmsted Foundation has finally launched their new Scholar’s Corner web application.

Back in June of 2017, we released a press release, welcoming the foundation as our client and announcing that LNI will be upgrading their legacy web application.  In September of 2018, the upgraded website finally went live.  We are thrilled to see that their users like the new website and there has been no major issues reported since the launch.

The Scholar’s Corner is a web application used by the foundation staff to manage their scholars – often referred to as military scholars selected to go overseas for a 3-year cultural immersion program – and scholar reports.  The application was built with legacy technologies and was not highly accessible by staff or scholars among many limitations.

The new system, built on a modern content management system, is more secure, robust, scalable, and accessible.  The project involved not only building the new system, but also migrating data from the legacy system to the new system, often known as ETL – Extract, Transform, Load.

Below is what the client had to say after the website went live and working together for over an year:

“…After more than an year of development and testing, we’ve launched the new system last month and it is a huge success. A big thank you to Seong and his team as the website/database is working well, and all the feedback we’ve gotten is that our users like the changes very much.”


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