Website Development Process

Simple websites While websites for different purposes and scope will have different processes, it generally follow the following steps: Initiation Plan Design Develop Test Deploy Initiation The very first step in the process is the project initiation stage.  This is where you define the goals or objective of the site, who the target audiences are, […]

Laravel Tip: Fixing File Permission Issue

When developing Laravel applications on Linux-based systems, you may run into file permission issues with auto-generated files such as logs or cache files.  I ran into this in the past often and my quick workaround was to manually change permissions and owner for the files with incorrect permissions.  It would be something like following: chmod […]

Advanced SEO Technique – Structured Data Markup for a Law Firm

In this article, I will share with you one of advanced search engine optimization techniques – adding structured data markup.  One of our clients is a prominent real estate law firm and, even though they have a good ranking on search engines, they wanted to improve their visibility and how they appeared on search results.  […]

Setting up WordPress for Local Development with Git

When you develop on WordPress, it’s always a good practice to use git to manage your code.  Yet, I have seen many developers not using any code repository or developers who want to use code repository but are not sure how to set it up for local development with git.  I wanted to share with […]

Enable Distance Filtering in Drupal Services

When developing mobile apps, location is one of core components that nearly all mobile apps are developed with.  However, when it comes to building mobile apps with Drupal, working with location can be challenging.  There are number of geo-related modules and discussions on enabling location by working with Views.  But in our case, we decided not to […]

Fixing permissions and ownership in Drupal 7

If you work with Drupal a lot and you’re on linux, you will come across times when you have to migrate/copy/restore your site from one location to another – sometimes on the same server, other times on a new server or your local machine. And when you move/copy/migrate your Drupal instance, you will notice that […]