Website Development Process

Simple websites While websites for different purposes and scope will have different processes, it generally follow the following steps: Initiation Plan Design Develop Test Deploy Initiation The very first step in the process is the project initiation stage.  This is where you define the goals or objective of the site, who the target audiences are, […]

Website Audit Tool Updated

In June of 2018, we released IsaacAI, online website auditing tool built to help web admins quickly identify any issues with their websites across various categories including performance, accessibility, best practices, search engine optimization, and progressive web app. It is built on top of Google’s open source website auditing tool known as Google Lighthouse. You […]

Page speed to become a ranking factor in Google’s mobile search

Starting in July 2018, Google will finally use page speed as a ranking factor in their mobile search results. Google recently announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search. The company is calling it the “Speed Update,” and it will impact a small percentage of websites that “deliver the slowest experience to users” according […]

Laravel Package to Track Google Keyword Position

Search engine optimization professionals and marketing agencies sometimes use keyword ranking trackers to measure the performance of their work and track how their clients’ website rank on search engine result pages. At LNI Digital, we use variety of tools for SEO and keyword tracking tool is definitely one that’s used more than others. One of […]

Search Engine Optimization Guide Explained

Google Webmaster team has recently released a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to help you with improving SEO for your website.  They call it a starter guide but it’s over 24 pages long – so it’s definitely not a light reading. This guide is more of an update to their previously released guide and offers […]