Choosing the Right Keywords: Start Small and Expand

In this blog post, I want to share some tips we use when we select keywords with locations. One of the very first steps you do in SEO is keyword research. This requires understanding of your industry and your market – how much competition you have in your space determines how much effort is needed […]

Finding Growth in a Website: Things you can do to drive new growth

For some, a website is nothing but another form of validation that a company exists – just like a business card.  For others, they see much more with a website – they see it as a strategic tool to build brand, generate leads, and grow their business.   Former finds the lowest bidder to have their […]

Drive your Marketing Campaign to Instant Success

Below is a guest blog by Andy Williams, our good friend at Ntw Designs –  Andy is a PHP developer & web designer who recently found passion in writing.  His company specializes in custom web design, brand research, brand identity creation, and marketing. Marketing is a great way to boost company credibility, online sales, […]

Website Optimization as a Strategy

Did you know that the average attention span of people is only 8 seconds? In 2015, Microsoft conducted a study including surveying of 2,000 people and monitoring the brain activity of 112 additional people using electroencephalograms. The study found that the average human attention span is declining rapidly and at eight seconds, making it shorter […]

How Retailers Can Increase Customer Loyalty

For retail businesses, it’s important to understand how customers interact with the business through various touch points and channels – some marketers call them brand touch points or retail touch points.  Due to plethora of technologies and marketing channels available these days, having a good grasp of all touch points, especially optimizing each touch point for the […]

Why Integrated Marketing is Important

I was talking to a potential client who was looking to get some help with her website – she is owner of a facial and body massage spa in Alexandria, Virginia. I told her that one of our services is full-service digital marketing management for small businesses and that part of it is social media […]

Real SEO is about User Experience

I had a meeting with a potential client last week. He is a CEO at a small company that develops CMMS software – Computerized Maintenance and Management System.  His software is used by major airports and it is considered a leader in the janitorial software market. He saw my advertisement about SEO and reached out […]

Digital Analytics Presentation

Digital analytics has come a long way since Google Analytics hit the market in 2006.  Without data and analytics, it’s difficult to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns or understand your potential customers browsing your website.   That was at the core of my presentation at Reston Chamber of Commerce this week. Here are some […]