Website Development Process

Simple websites While websites for different purposes and scope will have different processes, it generally follow the following steps: Initiation Plan Design Develop Test Deploy Initiation The very first step in the process is the project initiation stage.  This is where you define the goals or objective of the site, who the target audiences are, […]

Laravel Tip: Fixing File Permission Issue

When developing Laravel applications on Linux-based systems, you may run into file permission issues with auto-generated files such as logs or cache files.  I ran into this in the past often and my quick workaround was to manually change permissions and owner for the files with incorrect permissions.  It would be something like following: chmod […]

LNI Digital Marketing wins 2019 Innovative Practice of the Year Award

We are thrilled to share with you LNI Digital Marketing has won the 2019 Innovative Practice of the Year Award. At the Annual Meeting and Awards for Chamber Excellence (ACE) Luncheon last month, the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce recognized LNI Digital Marketing for our work with ChamberForge, referral tracking applications built to help businesses […]

Building a Membership Website for Ashburn-based Business Networking Group

We are excited to share that we are working on building a brand new membership website for an Ashburn-based business networking group. Located in Ashburn, Loudoun County, NET 2.0 was started by Melody Page-Ferry in 2017 and currently has over 600 members on their Facebook page. Their weekly networking meeting at Paul Davis Restoration in […]

Choosing the Right Keywords: Start Small and Expand

In this blog post, I want to share some tips we use when we select keywords with locations. One of the very first steps you do in SEO is keyword research. This requires understanding of your industry and your market – how much competition you have in your space determines how much effort is needed […]

Website Audit Tool Updated

In June of 2018, we released IsaacAI, online website auditing tool built to help web admins quickly identify any issues with their websites across various categories including performance, accessibility, best practices, search engine optimization, and progressive web app. It is built on top of Google’s open source website auditing tool known as Google Lighthouse. You […]

Client Website Launched

We are excited to see that, after more than an year of development and testing, the George and Carol Olmsted Foundation has finally launched their new Scholar’s Corner web application. Back in June of 2017, we released a press release, welcoming the foundation as our client and announcing that LNI will be upgrading their legacy […]